Please Head North


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Please Head North

Intro: Eb (x2) 

verse 1
After tonight 
I just can't be 
 Eb           G# 
alone driving home 
beneath the stoplights 
        Cm        Eb 
They're holding me  in 
suspense but that's 
just the way it is I 
Eb        G# 
guess For those of 
                Cm  Eb 
us who move too fast 

verse 2
  and I wish that I 
could say That I'm 
Bb              G# 
wishing you the best 
                       Cm Bb 
But I can't but I can't 

G# So I'll write it out on paper to Cm Bb remember every word G# For everything I've lost and found inside Cm Bb of every verse These G# are my directions to you
verse 3 G# Please head north Cm Voices scream inside Bb of me Well Maybe I'm G# just cursed Just like Cm they say maybe I'm Bb just cursed I'm always G# hoping for the best Cm Bb Maybe I'm just cursed G# I'm always hoping for Cm the best Preparing Bb G# Eb Bb for the worst
G# Eb So please head north Bb/D G# please head north G# Maybe I was right Eb Bb/D maybe I was wrong G# I just can't write another one of these Eb Bb/D summer songs Oh please G# not another sad sad Eb Bb/D G# song You'll find me hanging on every Eb Bb/D word on every word
Outro: G# It kills you to know this world it owes Cm Eb you nothing So just G# forget what you're Cm expecting You'll Eb find half what G# you deserve

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