A Living Diary


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A Living Diary

	  		Intro: Bb  G# Gm x2 

verse 1: 
  we're only talking 
Cause you lost 
Someone close 
   Gm      Bb 
To you without 
This entry you'd 
     G#   Gm 
Feel incomplete 
  come treat me like 
         Gm   Eb 
A living diary  and 
Just turn the 
Bb             Gm Eb 
Page and walk away 

F And it's true That i can feel Gm This season in Eb My bones as new F England fills Gm Eb With snow
verse 2: F i find it hard to Gm Believe through Eb That every bits F Unique that maybe Gm There is someone Eb Who?s just like F Me someone who Gm Eb F Feels just like me Gm Someone who feels Eb Just like me
Bb Gm incomplete Eb Bb Incomplete Someone who Gm Eb Feels just Like me
bridge: Bb come by and ask Gm Me how i'm holding Eb Bb Up my good intentions Gm Eb Were never good enough Bb I was empty before I met you and i'll Gm Eb Be there soon enough Bb Again i'll save your Place don't walk Gm Eb Away i can't erase Gm Eb(hold) Anything about you
F Eb for all the things Gm Eb We fake you're words F Eb They seem so real Gm So real that they Eb Could take all the F Hope left in my Eb Gm Life and leave Eb F My insides blank
Outro: Gm Eb so close Gm Eb Me or up or Gm Turn the page So close me Eb Up or turn F The page Eb Don't bury Me away Gm so close Eb Me or up or F Turn the page So close me Eb Up or turn Gm Eb F The page Eb Don't bury Me away

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