Tracy Grammer

Hard To Make It

Tracy Grammer

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Hard To Make It

Capo on 3rd fret

## NOTE: G  G/F  G/E is a Bass walk-down on the E-string ## 

rd Fret 

Intro: D 

                             G        D 
Lonesome stranger, won't you share my bed 
    G        D            Asus2    D 
The sidewalk siren at the bus stop said 
                    G     D 
Love is a tear in a salty bay 
         G       D               Asus2   D 
And it's hard to make it in this world today 

G                        G/F       G/E 
Love is a river, but the river run dry 
And the clouds blow bitter in a bone-yard sky 
G                     G/F    G/E 
Flesh dries up and it burns away 
And you can't remember where your heart once lay 
                                 Asus2   D 
And it's hard to make it in this world today 

                  G      D 
Dandy Don, he's a velvet hand 
        G      D                 Asus2  D 
He's my silent partner, he's the inside man 
                             G       D 
Holds me shaking through the shotgun dawn 
       G        D                 Asus2    D 
And he keeps me walking down this road I'm on 

G                        G/F      G/E 
Keeps me running when he calls my name 
He shines the light, but he kills the flame 
G                       G/F    G/E 
Stones me simple when I try to speak 
And he bruise my face, but he kiss my cheek 
                                  Asus2    D 
And it's hard to make it when you get this weak 

Instrumental: D  G  D  G  D  Asus2  D  (2x) 

D                            G         D 
One of these mornings, gonna spread my wings 
       G       D            Asus2    D 
Like a red-ass robin at the gates of spring 
                     G       D 
Rise up singing on a cyclone wind 
         G             D         Asus2    D 
'Til the walls of this city come tumbling in 

G                       G/F       G/E 
Walls of this city come tumbling, rumbling 
'Round my head like an old man stumbling 
G                   G/F       G/E 
I don't care if the mountains fall 
There's a little blue egg in the middle of this all 
                                  Asus2   D 
And it's hard to make it when you feel so small 

D                   G         D 
Bus pulled up and I climbed inside 
  G          D            Asus2     D 
I sat in the window and I waved goodbye 
                         G      D 
She stood staring at the blue machine 
          G      D         Asus2        D 
Singing, "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen" 

G                G/F    G/E 
Nobody cares and nobody knows 
Only weeds remember where your headstone grows 
         G                 G/F      G/E 
And it's dust to ashes and wings to clay 
And I check my wallet as we pull away 
                                    Asus2   D 
'Cause it's hard to make it in this world today 

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