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Reservations To Live Chords


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Reservations To Live

	  Intro: D   C    Bb    D  Dsus4  D

Em                             G                                   D
Never should rush into things, shouldn't spill the wine before its time
Em                                G                               D
Wait and see what fortune brings, waste away till you can see the sign
Em                             G                                   D
Always taught to play it safe, wouldn't stick your neck out if you could
Em                          G                                D
Everything is in its place, might as well be chiseled out of wood

         A                        G
And your time running thin - It's slipping through your fingers
          A                    G
With your chance to begin - forever again

D                           G          A                  Bm      Em
Don't know what you waiting for, don't need a reservation just to live
D                      G        A                           Bm      Em
You might be expecting more but you won't get more than you have to give
And that's just the way it is

Em                                  G                                D
Everyday it rains somewhere, you've got to make the best of what you have
Em                                   G                                  D
You could tie a train out there, you better get some sunshine while you can

           A                        G
But you've heard this before - It's ancient information
     A                            G
Just walk through the door - It's not that complicated


Bridge     Bb    C    G    x2

Solo       Bb    C    Bb   C


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