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Only The Children Chords


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Only The Children

Year: 1990 - Album: The Seventh One

	  F#m        D          A          E

Asus9                           E                   F#m
We keep hurtin each other, when words can be easily said
Asus9                            E                    F#m
No understanding or reason, just fear and confusion instead
Asus9                                   E                       F#m
We all need hope for the future and the young need a chance to survive

D                Asus9                   E
No one knows the pain that's felt by the innocent
        F#m              D
Who are fighting to stay alive
    Asus9                         E
Can no one see the tears in their eyes

         F#m        D      A      E
Only the children
F#m     D          A        E
Only the children cry
         F#m        D      A      E
Only the children

F#m      D      A      E

Asus9                          E                          F#m
Why do those who have plenty ignore those with nothing at all
Asus9                            E                             F#m
Why must the ones just beginning stand with their backs to the wall
Asus9                            E                       F#m
They keep asking for answers and we keep on telling them lies

D                 Asus9                E
They only want to understand what they feel inside
    F#m                     D
The hunger that tears them apart
         Asus9                             E
It's the one thing they've known from the start


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