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Allways There Chords


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Allways There

	  (original version 1/2 step up)

When it's over you're always the last one to know
It's a feeling that nobody wants to show
Em7              F#m7        Bm7             G
Even though it's killing me, I still blame myself
   Em7                    G            A           Bm7  
I wish I could change but Lord knows I know that I can't

All the feelings twisting inside my head
I know it's too late... the past I can't seem to forget
Em7                   F#m7              Bm7           G 
If I could change the circumstance, I'd never let you go
        Em7                       G           A
I can't hide from the truth and I want you to know

        D                         G                    A             G
When I reach out my hand there's nobody there I can't touch anymore
       D                       G                          A
When I call out your name, the pain rips right through me like never before
                      G   D                     G    D                     Em7  
Is it too much to ask       for one last memory.       Cause yesterday you said
      G         A         Bm7  
You'd always be there for me

Don't know what's harder the truth or reality
I hit a brick wall painted with honesty
  Em7               F#m7        Bm7                G 
I wish that I could give to you all the things you need
        Em7                  G          A
But the one thing I can't is making you leave


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