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I Love Chords

Tom T Hall

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I Love

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	  E I Love - A little baby E ducks 
A Old pickup E trucks 
B Slow movin' trains - and E rain 
E I Love - A little country E streams 
A Sleep without E dreams 
B Sunday school in May - and E hay 
And A I B love you E too. 
I Love - leaves in the wind 
Pictures of my friends 
Birds of the world - and squirrels 
I Love - coffee in a cup 
Little fuzzy pups 
Bourbon in a glass - and grass 
And I love you too. 
Change to F 
F I Love - Bb honest open F smiles 
Bb Kisses from a F child 
C Tomatoes on the vine - and F onions 
F I Love - Bb winner's when they F cry 
Bb Loser's when they F try 
C Music when it's good - and F life 
And Bb I C love you F too. 
Note.  Tom T. Hall - For People In The Last Hard Town 
       1973 Mercury SRM-1-687

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