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Walls Chords

Tom Petty

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(Tom Petty & Heartbreakers)

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	  (The Numbers are the number of frets up from the capo.) 
F                       Dm 
Some days are diamonds 
Some days are rocks 
Some doors are open 
Some roads are blocked. 
Sundowns are golden 
Then fade away 
And if I never do nothin' 
I'll get you back someday. 
A#                       F =20 
Cause you got a heart so big 
It could crush this town 
            Gm          Dm 
And I can't hold out forever 
C               F 
Even walls fall down 
And all 'round your island 
There's a barricade 
It keeps out the danger 
The holes and the pain. 
And sometimes you're happy 
And sometimes you cry 
Half of me is ocean=20 
Half of me is sky. 
(Repeat Chorus and verse chords) 
And some things are over 
And some things go on 
And part of me you carry 
And part of me is gone 
(Repeat chorus twice)=20 
At the beginning of the song when the band kicks in play this: 
	D+-0-1-0----    =20 
Then proceed with the chords.  The solo that Mike Campbell plays in the m= 
iddle of the=20 
song goes like this: 
                                                            ^ ^ 
            There are actually 3 notes being played at the same time here= 
.  But I=20 
haven=92t figured out what they are yet.         =20 
The ending is played like this: 
Just play that over and over and end on the F chord. 
David Richter 
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 10:54:25 -0500 
From: Craig Pettit  
This is taken from the band's performance on SNL last year  

there isn't a video lesson for this song

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