Told Slant

Parking Lots

Told Slant

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Parking Lots


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Riff 1: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----12--------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--14----14----12-------12-12-----------------------------------------------| A|-----------14----14-14-------10--------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Riff 2: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------10s12-12----10s12--------------------------------------------------| A|--10-10----------14--------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 1 C Parking lots water marks and my drunk face G In the bathroom mirror makes C Makes me feel like a ghostly shape G Makes me feel like I'm twice my age Riff 1 C Mostly aged partly faded one fifth dead G If I live to a hundred and C If I live to a hundred then G I will outlive all of my friends C* G But I don't want that at all C D G 2x or Riff 2 C D What's so bad about growing up or do riff 2 here G If I'll stay young for as long as I want to Riff 1 C You hate my voice G It makes me feel like a little boy C And you hate all the words I choose G You push me like a pressure point Riff 1 C Public parks subway cars where I grew up G I'd sleep over but we'd stay up C Now you just want me to shut up C Now you just want me to shut up C* G But I'm not sad at all C D What's so bad about growing up or do riff 2 here G If I'll stay young for as long as I want to

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chords Told Slant - Parking Lots
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