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	  		D                               A/C# 
So now I wake up to a bright and sunny day. 
Bm                                       G                                               A 
My brains are still asleep, just dozing under sheets and feathers. 
D                              A/C# 
But slowly I become aware of yesterday. 
Bm                           G                                     A  G 
A painful feeling of defeat is creeping up from underneath. 
I'm turning to my back.  
D                        A                       G 
Hands are simply placed under my head now. 
         D               A 
And I sigh as if to say... 

D                                A/C# 
Caroline, why can't you be mine. 
            Bm                       G 
Without any hesitation you ended our relation. 
D                             A/C# 
Caroline, you had me so high. 
Now I lie here in this basement 
       G                        A               D 
Just dreaming of what could have been. 

Together we were riding underneath the stars. 
I told you all my dreams and you kept frowning, staring at the road. 
Then suddenly you reached and grabbed the handlebars. 
You pulled us over and in clouds of dust you walked away from me. 
I'm turning to my side. 
Hands are simply running through my hair now. 
I cry as if to say... 

Bm          G                D 
We had a special time together. 
Bm               G                   D 
And we were dancing in the rain 
I know you turned me down 
But you will come around 
'I'll never leave you', you will say 
Every day. 

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