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	  		C                                                       Am 
Now use to smile, though your heart is aching,  
Em                                   Am 
smile, even though it's breaking!  
C                     Am                      Dm 
When there are clouds wait up in the sky,  
F                    G 
you'll gonna get by!  
If you smile through your fear an' sorrow,  
smile and maybe, maybe tomorrow,  
Am                                               F 
you'll see the sun come shining through  
for you!  
C                                                      Am 
Light, light up your face with gladness,  
Em                             Am 
hide every trace of sadness,  
although a tear may be ever so near,  
F                                                   Fm 
that's the time you must keep on tryin',  
Bbm                                                    Am 
Oh you got smile, what's the use of cryin' ?  
C                              Am                 F 
you'll find that life is still worthwhile,  
G                       C   Am 
if you'll just smile!  
            F                  G               C 
Cīmon, now show me a little smile 

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