Tim Minchin

Nothing Ruins Comedy

Tim Minchin

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Nothing Ruins Comedy


Eb                                    (Eb   Ebsus4    
Nothing ruins comedy like arenas 
Eb                                     Eb   Ebsus4     
 That is a well established fact 
But your enjoyment is not as important 
                       ( Eb   Ebsus4  Eb) 
as my self-esteem is 
My ego's the only thing you can see clearly from the back 
              Cm          Bb 
But i'm quite famous now 
Suck my balls 
             Cm                 Bb 
I've sold my tickets, my job is done, 
Fuck you all 

Cm    Bb                   Ab  
Who cares about quality, this is not about you, this is all about me 
       F                      Ab         Bb 
And my tiny little penis, and flogging DVDs 
            Ebm          C# 
So bring it on, bring it on 
         Ab                   Bb 
Fuck the (punters?), bring it on 
       Ebm,            C#           Ab               Bb 
I am a rockstar motherfucker, and I won't be one for long 
            Ebm           C# 
So bring it on, bring it on 
You gotta make hay in the shining sun 

Ebm   C#     Ab 
You gotta rock on the way up, cause the only way to go from here is down 
        Cm                       Bb                       Ab   
But I'm trapped for now, and the fact for now, is there's no escaping this 
            Cm               Bb 
And wearing baseball caps to hide my face, 
        Ab                     Eb 
so the (paps?) don't snatch my kids 
Ab         Cm             Fm             Cm 
All I ever wanted was, to sing my little songs 
            F                          Ab            Bb       Ebm 
But now i'm pregnant in Hello Mag, and overweight in Cosmopoliton 
            C#                                         Ab 
So bring it on, before too long my wife and kids'll be gone, gone, gone 
              Ebm              C#                      Ab 
And i'll have wanked myself to death in the penthouse suite of the 
(Can't hear) 
            Ebm          C#                              Ab 
So bring it on, bring it on, found the hookers, stop the bombs 
        Ebm                         C#               Ab        
I am a rockstar, i've got a fucking orchestra, I can do what I fucking want 
          Cm                 Bb                 Ab             
I thought fame would make me happy, but she's a fickle cheap romance 
            F                               Ab           G 
No-one even listens to my lyrics, they just wanna see me dance 

Cm        Bb           Ab 
All the real stars are hanging in bars 
Cm             Bb        Ab 
Hanging out in bars 
Cm        Bb           Ab 
All the real stars are hanging out in bars 
Cm          Bb    Cm 
Hanging out in bars 
Cm    G 
Bars, bars 

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