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Beautiful One Chords

Tim Hughes

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by FerdyKorp

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Beautiful One

	  Intro: G A Bm A G A D (just listen and you will get it) 

G             A  
Wonderful, so wonderful,  
Is Your unfailing love,  
     G                A          Bm7  
Your cross has spoken mercy over me.  
    G               A  
No eye has seen, no ear has heard,  
No heart could fully know,  
    G             A             D  
How glorious, how beautiful You are!  
          G       A  
Beautiful One, I love You,  
          G       A  
Beautiful One, I adore,  
          G       A         D  
Beautiful One, my soul must sing!  
G            A  
Powerful, so powerful,  
Your glory fills the skies,  
     G               A                 Bm7  
Your mighty works displayed for all to see.  
G                  A  
The beauty of Your majesty  
Awakes my heart to sing;  
    G              A             D  
How marvelous, how wonderful You are!  
       G                      A  
You've opened my eyes to Your wonders anew,  
       G                          A  
You've captured my heart with this love,  
     G                      A            D  
'Cos nothing on earth is as beautiful as You.  
   G                  A  
My soul, my soul must sing,  
   Bm                 A/C#  
My soul, my soul must sing,  
   G                  A  
My soul, my soul must sing,  
Beautiful One.  


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