Tift Merritt

Stray Paper

Tift Merritt

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Stray Paper

	  		VERSE I 
        Em               D      A 
I got a postcard with an old address 
             Em            D       A 
A picture of Houston, in a beat-up mess 
         Em               A        D 
Just to remind me that it all went wrong 
        G                   A 
Just to beat me up, just to turn me on 
D     Bm     D     Bm     D     Bm     G             A 
Stray paper, stray paper, stray paper, burnin' in my hands 
                  Em                  D          A 
Cigarettes in the glove box, with the classified ads 
          Em           D         A 
Ashes and silver, worn into your hands 
        Em              A      D 
"I gotta see you", on a bar napkin 
            G                  A 
Gas station quarters, I got to see you again 
                    Em             D     A 
Somewhere there's a letter, that I never sent 
                Em               D     A 
It used to read pretty, now it's empty as 
                  Em                   A        D 
That night in the headlights, with the blankets pressed 
                    G                  A 
Was it somethin' to you, baby?  Was it always just . . . 
CHORUS (then repeat) 
G             A      G             A 
Burnin' in my hands, burnin' in my hands 
Em   D   A (Repeat 5 times)   Em  

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