Tiffany MacNeil

Walk Side By Side

Tiffany MacNeil

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Walk Side By Side

Capo on 3rd fret


G D        G              D                                                                      
I feel the sun, I see the light 
           G                    C        D       G     
I walk the earth, I breathe the air, the same as you 
G D  G               D 
I am hoping that you might 
   G        C      D        G 
Be open to another point of view 

Cadd9  Am7  D7      G 
Oh, we walk side by side 
   Em7            Am7 
We live this life together now 
     C       D  C           G    D  G  D 
With each of us the other guide 

G D             G         D 
Why would it be any other way 
          G           C        D       G      
When it clear to anyone this love is true  
G D               G                  D 
If it said this dream could not be real 
     G                   C     D      G         
Then listen to what your heart always knew 

Cadd9 Am7  D7        G 
Oh, if not now, then when? 
      Em7              Am7 
This gift we have been given 
  C     D     C                G    D  G  D 
Awakens us to what has already been 

G D           G            D 
Maybe another day, another night 
        G               C       D          G     
Another year if that is what it takes from you 
G D                 G          D 
One moment spent in clarity of sight 
     G                C        D      G 
Will reveal just what together we can do 

Cadd9   Am7        D7      G 
Oh, and you the perfect one 
   Em7                 Am7 
To share this love and show the world 
C       D          C            G     D  G  D  G 
All the good things that can be done 

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