Bonny Boys


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Bonny Boys

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: C Cadd9 C   Cadd9  C  Dm7 D7sus2 F    C    F 

verse 1 
         C             F 
Here you are, my bonny boys 
                   C                                 F 
You're all dressed up to seize the world and all its toys 
            G    C G  C       F 
I hope it's roses  -  all the way 
           C                        F 
May you be lauded from Tiree to Arinsay 

verse 2 
         C                   F 
Tell the truth and shame the devil 
              C                        F 
When you play fair the field is always level 
              G       C G  C                   F 
Don't go with Jezebels  -  they'll lead you to straight to hell 
       C                           F 
Find a girl whose heart is not for sale 

Interlude: C    F    C    F 

G    C     F 
Sing boys, sing 
     G      C    F 
Be a tinker or a king 
Bow to no one 
     Fm                G 
Fear nothing, let love in 

verse 3 
         C              F 
Dry your tears, I am at peace 
                C                               F 
With your sweet voices in my ears, such sweet release 
          G     C G     C      F 
The piper calls  -  and I must heed 
         C                                    F 
When the curlew's flying low, please think on me 
         C                                    F 
When the curlew's flying low, please think on me 

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