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Thomas Helmig

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	  		Intro. Em   Am - D - G - Em . Am - D - Em 

I've got scars 
I've got scars from the inside and out 
And I've got trouble, oh yeah 
Whether alone or in a crowd 
Em                  Bm     Em   Bm 
Or Lord can't you see the light inside of me 
              Am              D 
There is lady in my bedroom 
             G                           Em 
She's digging for gold in a silver mine 
She's putting her heart out for the heartless 
She's trying to walk circles in a straight line 
She says that she loves me like a woman loves a man 
I've got shame 
I've got shame bigger than Peru 
And I've got jones, yes I do 
Higher than Katmandu 
Oh Lord... 
There is lady... 
Oh Lord... 
I've got tickets 
Two tickets for the movie show 
Baby please, baby please 
Tell me that you wanna go 
Oh Lord... 
There is lady... 
She says that she loves me like a woman, oh yeah, oh yeah 
She says that she loves me like a woman, oh yeah, oh yeah 

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