Third Day


Third Day

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Year: 1996 - Album: Offerings: A Worship Album

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	  		 Cm               Bb  
I am a thief, I am a murderer  
         F             Cm  
Walking up this lonely hill  
            Cm               Bb  
What have I done?  I don't remember  
       F                Cm  
No one knows just how I feel  
      G            Bb   F          Cm  
And I know that my time   is coming soon.  
             Cm                Bb  
It's been so long.  Oh, such a long time  
           F                    Cm  C4/7/9 Cm  
Since I've lived with peace and rest  
         Cm            Bb  
Now I am here, my destination  
      F                   Cm  
Guess things work for the best.  
      G            Bb   F           Cm  
And I know that my time   is coming soon.  
(Guitar, Bass, Drums) 
            Cm               Bb  
Who is this man?  This man beside me  
     F                    Cm  
They call the King of the Jews  
             Cm                Bb  
They don't believe that he's the Messiah  
         F               Cm  
But, somehow I know it's true.  
And they laugh at Him in mockery,  
    Bb               Cm  
And beat him till He bleeds  
They nail Him to the rugged cross,  
    Bb                    F              Cm  
And raise Him, they raise him up next to me  
            Cm               Bb  
My time has come, I'm slowly fading  
  F              Cm  
I deserve what I recieve  
      Cm                   Bb  
Jesus when You come in Your kingdom  
          F                      Cm  
Could You please, please remember me  
And He looks at me still holding on  
    Bb                  Cm  
The tears fall from His eyes  
He says I tell the truth  
Bb              F                   Cm  
Today, you will live with Me in paradise  
      G            Bb             Cm  
And I know that my time is coming soon  
      G            Bb             Cm  
And I know that my time is coming soon  
      G            Bb                        Cm  
And I know that paradise, paradise is coming soon.  


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