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My hope is you Chords

Third Day

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by isaacindep

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My hope is you

Year: 1997 - Album: Offerings: A Worship Album

	  Intro: C F  
   C           F           C    F 
To You, O Lord,  I lift my soul 
   C          F            C     F 
In you, O God,  I place my trust 
   C         F          C     F 
Do not let me be put to shame 
    C         F    C            F 
Nor let my enemies triumph over me 
C F My hope is You C F Show me your ways Am Guide me in truth F In all my days C F C F My hope is You, O Lord
C F C F I am, O Lord, filled with Your Love C F C F You are, O God, my salvation C F C F Guard my life and rescue me C F My broken sprit shouts C F My mended heart cries out... Chorus My hope is You Solo Chorus(2x)

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