Third Day

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Third Day

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by isaacindep

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Year: 2003 - Album: Offerings II: All I Have to Give

  		Intro - | C | C | C | C | 
I can't do anything 
I can't do anything without you 
But you can do everything 
You can do everything you want 
I just can't believe 
I can't believe that you would love me 
After everything 
G                     G7 
After everything I've done 
Dm And I want to love you C Love you more than life itself F And I want to hold you C Even though you can't be held Dm F Because you're so much more Dm F Than everything I've ever know F C Anything, anything
C I'd give anything C I would give anything to hold you G I want to live for you G G7 For you alone I want to live C When I see your face C I would do anything to know you G You gave everything G G7 You gave all you have to give Repeat Chorus F C C G Anything, anything, anything Chorus Final 3x C Halle, Hallelujah F Halle, Hallelujah Dm F Halle, Hallelujah C Halle

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