There Will Be Fireworks


There Will Be Fireworks

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	  		Intro: F, C, Dm, Bb (2x) 

   F                       C 
Woke up on the cold bathroom floor 
Dm                       Bb 
Worldly-wise; you were young, you were bored  
        F                    C 
With a scar from the night before 
Etched fresh on your chest 
But that's par for the course these days 

Instrumental: F, C, Dm, Bb (2x) 

           F                       C                
When she called you up out of the blue 
          Dm                       Bb 
You felt sick for a bit but that passed and you knew 
       F                      C 
That growing up happened too fast 
You can't remember last summer 
Or the way that she laughed 
          Dm             Bb           F 
Well you can't remember much at all anymore 

Instrumental: F, C, Dm, Bb (2x) 

      F                            C 
On a night filled with stuttering stars 
You once watched the skies  
From your beat up old car 
F                          C 
Parked at the side of the road 
Dm                        Bb           
Guided by voices from the radio 

             F                      C 
Well you're feeling down so you might go out 
    Dm                      Bb    
And if you get lucky you might fool around 
           F             C 
With some girl in some room 
While the roots you put down 
Are still straining to move 

           Dm                Bb                    F 
And you'll leave before the morning lights your shame 
         Dm               Bb                      F  
You're cynical and you've only got yourself to blame 

F, C, Dm, Bb 

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