The Weakerthans

Night Windows

The Weakerthans

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Night Windows

Written by Stephen Carroll/John K. Samson/Greg Smith/Jason Tait


Verse 1 

G           Em             C 
In the stick-count for the song of knowing you're gone 
G        Em              C 
Glancing up at where you lived when you lived here 
G         Em        C 
I see you suddenly alive and nearly smiling 
G        Em                 C 
Stop and hold my breath and watch the way you used to be 

D C Em G C The full moon makes our faces shine like over-ironed polyester D C Then disappears behind the clouds Em G C G And leaves me under empty rows of night windows
Verse 2 G Em C We could walk to where these streets get pulled together G Em C A blinking line with gravel shoulders squared towards an end G Em C Where the radio resounds from doppling traffic G Em C Where the power lines steal esses from the hourly news Chorus D C Em G C De-pluralize our casualties and drown the generals out in static D C We'd turn and watch our city sprawl Em G C G And send us signals in the glow of night windows Outro G D Bm C But you're not coming home again G D Bm C And I won't ever get to say G D Bm C "Remember how... I'm sorry that... I miss the way... Could we..." End on G
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Intro bass line and guitar riff after chorus e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0-| D|-----12-10--9----------------9--------------------------------------------| A|--10----------12-10--9---7-------9---10---3---3---3---2---0---0---3---3---| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| Verse riff e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----10--10--10--10---8---8---8---7---5---5---5---3---2---2---1---1--------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--10--10--10---9---7---7---7---5---3---3---3---2---0---0---3---3----------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| Outro riff e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----12--12--12--12--10--10--10--10---7---7---7---7---5---5---5---5--------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--10--10--10--10---9---9---9---9---7---7---7---7---3---3---3---3----------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|

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