The Vaccines

Panic Attack Chords

The Vaccines

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by tercmoraes

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Panic Attack

  		Chords to the 'Teenage Icon' b-side. Great song, fairly easy 
Chords used: 
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E A B C#m e-0---0---2---4-| b-0---2---4---5-| g-1---2---4---6-| D-2---2---4---6-| A-2---0---2---4-| E-0---x---x---x-|
Intro: | E | A | B | B | x3 | E | E | E | E | verse 1: E A B Wrap me up in hammered velvet E A B Hide under the sheets with me E A B Get into the television E A B Sugarcoat Reality E A B Paralysing trepidation E A B I'm beaten by anxiety E A B E Lift the weight of the world that is hanging on me
A E It's got my body shaking A E I'm hiding in my room A C#m It put me out and on my back A B Panic attack
verse 2: E A B You know simply optimistic E A B And altogether overcome E A B With self-destructive irritation E A B I resented everyone E A B I was always well-adjusted E A B but I'm going down a rabbit hole E A B E further and further and further out of control
A E And now I'm feeling dizzy A E And I'm giving up A C#m I shut my eyes, the room went black A B Panic attack
SOLO (verse chords, I think)
A B It is all-consuming A B And now I can't be fucked A C#m My legs give up and I fall back A B Panic attack A B Panic attack
E (strum once)

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