The Tymes

Ms. Grace

The Tymes

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Ms. Grace

Capo on 2nd fret
 C - G - Am - G - F - E 
   Dm - F - G - C - Am      - D - G - C - G - Dm - C 
   Dm - C     - Dm - C   - Dm - C 
   C                          Dm      C                                 Dm 
Ooh ooh ooh,  Ms Grace, satin and perfume and lace, 
        C                        Dm                       Am           - Dm - Em - F - G 
the minute I saw your face I knew that I loved you. 
              C                 Dm     C                                    Dm 
1. Hey, you, listen to me, I got a lot of truth I want to tell you, 
     C                       - Dm                                      Am    - Dm - Em - F - G 
  I just met a woman      who turned me upside down. 
            C                          Dm     C                                 Dm 
2, The rivers turn in their beds, flowers bloom where she treads, 
       C                              Dm                                     Am - Dm - Em - F - G 
she turns an awful lot of heads when she comes to town. 
              C                             Dm    C                                 Dm 
3. Ms Grace, when you walk by, you're the twinkle in my eye, 
                 C                            Dm                       Am    - Dm - Em - F - G 
    there's no need to wonder why I've fallen for you. 
   Chorus       Instrumental = Chorus 
  Am                            Em 
      Strangest thing of all, you see, 
F                             Am 
    is that this could happen to me. 
Am                          Em 
    Lady Grace, she said she'll be so fine, 
D                                        G          G7 
    someday I'll make her mine, all mine. 
   Chorus (2x)   
(orig. =  
nd)    (The Tymes) 

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