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So happy together Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tekokid

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So happy together

((G. Bonner - A. Gordon))

        Imagine me and you, I do 
        I think about you day and night, it's only right 
        To think about the girl you love  and hold her tight 

        So happy together 


        If I should call you up, invest a dime 


        And you say you belong to me  and ease my mind 


        Imagine how the world could be, so very fine 


        So happy together 


        F#              C#m              F# 

        I can't see me lovin' nobody but you 

        For all my life 
        F#                   C#m                   F# 
        When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue 

        For all my life 

        Me and you and you and me 

        No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be 

        The only one for me is you, and you for me 


        So happy together 

        {repeat Chorus} 

        {repeat verse 3; harmonize on first three lines} 

Vocal interlude {note that final chord is different 
from Chorus}: 

        F#          C#m                 F#           A 


        Ba-ba-ba-ba  ba-ba-ba-ba  ba-ba-ba  ba-ba-ba-ba 


        F#          C#m                 F#          C#m 


        Ba-ba-ba-ba  ba-ba-ba-ba  ba-ba-ba  ba-ba-ba-ba 

        {repeat verse 3} 


        F#m            C#      F#m 
           So happy together 
                    C#       F#m 
        How is the weather 
                    C#       F#m 
        So happy together 
                    C#       F#m  {strings enter} 
        We're happy together 
                    C#       F#m 
        So happy together 
                    C#       F#m  {horns enter} 
        Happy together 
                    C#       F#m 
        So happy together 
                    C#                           F# 
        So happy together (ba-ba-ba-ba  ba-ba-ba-ba) 


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