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Beaten Generation

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Beaten Generation

	  		Am                      F   
When you cast your eyes upon the skylines 
        G Dsus4      G       
Of this   once proud nation, 
        Ab        Am7          F 
Can you sense the fear and the hatred 
G7             Dsus4         G7    Ab     
Growing in the hearts of its population 
  Am7 C F    G7 Dsus4 G7  
    Ab5 Am7       F          G     Dsus4 G7    Ab 
And our youth, oh youth, are being     seduced 
       Am7             F        G7    Dsus4       G7 Ab 
By the greedy hands of politics   and half  truths 
Am7 F G7 Dsus4 G7 Ab The beaten generation, the beaten gener-ation, Am7 F G7 Dsus4 G7 Ab Reared on a diet of prejudice and mis-information. Am7 F G7 Dsus4 G7 Ab The beaten generation, the beaten gener-ation, Am7 F G7 Dsus4 G7 Ab Open your eyes, open your imagina{tion}
Am7 F We're being sedated by the gasoline fumes G7 Dsus4 G And hypnotised by the satellites Ab Am7 F G7 Dsus4 G7 In-to believing what is good and what is right Ab Am7 C You may be worshipping the temples of mammon G7 F7 Or lost in the prisons of religion Am7 C But can you still walk back to happiness G Gsus4 F When you've nowhere left to run? Am7 F G7 D G7 If they send in the special police Ab Am7 F G7 D G7 Ab To deliver us from liberty and keep us from peace Am7 C Then won't the words sit ill upon their tongues G F7 When they tell us justice is being done Am7 C G F And that freedom lives in the barrels of a warm gun?

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