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Bitching Chords

The Stranglers

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by hebealmeida

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	  Ah! They don't make them like this anymore, a good old rock'n'roll tune with not 
one, but TWO lovely guitar solos to master... ENJOY! 

intro: A - F#m G (x8, bass enters 3rd time, keyboards enter 5th time, 
       drums enter 7th time) 

A                                    F#m G 
Bitching 'bout the things we've seen 
A                                 F#m G 
Bitching 'bout the things we'd be 
A                                  G F#m 
Bitching 'bout the loves we've had 
E                         G F#m 
My oh my it wasn't so bad 
E                                    G F#m 
When we had that to loosen our minds 
E                                         F#m  
Hey little baby in the front row, be kind 

 G   A                                      F#m 
(bar bitching) Telling you the gospel truth 
 G   A                                    F#m 
(bar bitching) Why don't you all go get screwed? 
 G   A                                         F#m 
(bar bitching) Why don't you tell me something new? 
 G   A                        F#m G 
(bar bitching) Yeah, bitching 

A                           F#m G 
Bitching 'bout the Windsor C 
A                             F#m G 
Bitching 'bout the Western Sea 
A                                       G F#m 
Why can't you all be like a Grainger man? 
E                    G F#m 
Or even a Pheland man? 
E                                        G F#m 
I'll tell you what we'll meet in Amsterdam 
E                                             F#m  
And then you'll see what should be really can 

 G   A                                      F#m 
(bar bitching) Telling you the gospel truth 
 G   A                                    F#m 
(bar bitching) Why don't you all go get screwed? 
 G   A                                         F#m 
(bar bitching) Why don't you tell me something new? 
 G   A                                                  F#m G 
(bar bitching) Yeah, bitching, that's what I'm talking about 

Got anything to say? No? Well, shut up... 

guitar solo (repeat chords A - F#m G, listen to the recording to get the bends 
right, he mainly bends the notes a semitone upwards): 

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E------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------| B--7^7p5-----------------------------|----------------------------------------------| G---------7-6------------------------|----------------------------------0h2h4p2---2-| D--------------7---5h7p5-4-----------|-----------0h2h4p2---2-------0h2h4------------| A---------------------------7---5-4--|----0h2h4---------------0h2h4-----------------| E------------------------------------|-0h3------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------|------------------------------------| B-----------0h2h3p2--3s5--5s7--7^7p5--7^7p5----|------------------------------------| G------0h2h4-----------------------------------|--6-6^------------0--0----0---0---0-| D-0h2h4----------------------------------------|-------7-7s2--2s4------4^---4^--4^--| A----------------------------------------------|------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------|------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------| B-----------------------------------| G-----------------------------------| D--4^*-4--2--0h2p0------------------| <-- *bend up a semitone and hold A-------------------4-2---0---------| E-----------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------|-------------12-14-14^-12---------------| B-------------12-14-14^-12----------------|-------12-14--------------14-12h14p12---| G-------12-14--------------14-12h14p12----|-12s14-------------------------------14-| D-12s14--------------------------------11-|----------------------------------------| A-----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------| B--12^12p10------------------------------------| G-----------12-11-11h12p11---------------------| D---------------------------12-11-11h12p11-----| A-------------------------------------------12-| E----------------------------------------------|
A F#m G There's a place with a lot of eyes A F#m G Strange smoke perfume around the peacock guys A G F#m And the girls, they move their heat E G F#m To the impulsive, compulsive beat E G F#m But that's another place, another time E F#m Maybe we'll meet there in quite a short while G A F#m (bar bitching) Telling you the gospel truth G A F#m (bar bitching) Why don't you all go get screwed? G A F#m (bar bitching) Why don't you tell me something new? G A Bm C#m (bar bitching) Yeah, bitching D Bm C#m I really don't know what to say D Bm C#m That's gonna happen to us all one day D C#m D And when it does you can have me too E But until then I really don't know what to do F#m I'm just gonna keep on G A F#m (bar bitching) Telling you the gospel truth G A F#m (bar bitching) Why don't you all go get screwed? G A F#m (bar bitching) Why don't you tell me something new? G A F#m G (bar bitching) Yeah, bitching
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A - F#m G (x6, over keyboard solo) A - Bm C#m (D) (Bm) (C#m) E-----------------------------------12-12-12-12p10-------------| B---------------------------------------------------12---------| G--11-11-11--9s11-11-11--9s11-11-11---------------------14-11--| <-- play three D--12-12-12-10s12-12-12-10s12-12-12----------------------------| times (*chords A--------------------------------------------------------------| on 3rd time are E--------------------------------------------------------------| C#m and D) (E) (F#m)(G) (A) E-------------------------------------------- B-12--10--9---------------------------------- G------------9--7--6------------------------- D----------------------9-7-6-4---5---5s7----- A-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------- Bar bitching! F#m G A Bar bitching (x3) G A G A E-----------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------8--8--8--7-8s12-10--10-10--| G--7--7--7--6-7s11-9--9-9-----------------------------| D-----------------------------------------------------| A-----------------------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------------------| G A G A E----------------------------------10--10--10--9-10s14--12-| B--12--12--12--10-12s15-14--14-14--------------------------| G----------------------------------------------------------| D----------------------------------------------------------| A----------------------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------------------|
ends on keyboard chord of A, which slowly fades out.

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