The Smalls


The Smalls

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E G#m A G#m B 
E G#m A B 
A B A B 

verse 1: 
  I've got this problem 
speaking too much 
A         G#m 
drinking slow 
  B      E 
i beat myself up 
more than you would 
ever know these are 
the things that 
keep me whole 

A i came home to an B empty bed last night no one just Morrissey A and I he's shrewd but B he's all that i have he's all that i have
verse 2: E I've got this problem G#m slurring my words A G#m cutting ties i B E practice this speech well here it goes G#m these are the A B things that i think you should know
A E C#m i'm sinking fast B A i hope you choke E B i know it hurts but you should A E know when i get C#m B home i want you A E out your things B are gone but i'm A B A keeping the couch
Bridge: E i wish i could tell C#m you everything that B i was thinking all E the stupid shit that's on my mind C#m or why i get sad B from time to time A these problems are E C#m mine if i don't B admit it i'm lying A i fumble with my E words so much i'm B surprised anyone A listens at all E C#m i'm not someone B A who you can count E B on I'll let you down and everyone i love
A E C#m when i get home B A i want you out E your things are B gone but i'm A(hold) keeping the couch

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