The Sheepdogs


The Sheepdogs

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Intro: A E A E 

verse 1 
Searching for something in these same old streets 

The thought of leaving never tasted so sweet 
Tonight I'm going downtown with all these fools 

I got the feeling that I just can't lose 
Hey bartender, do you understand? 

I need a good woman and a rock and roll band 
I got my mojo down, ones and twos 
Always running to keep up with the blues, I'm saying 

A D A E Nobody is gonna bring me down A D A E Nobody is gonna turn me 'round No, no, no
verse 2 A Across the desert on a mission tonight We hit the city limits with the sun in our eyes E We got the James Brown on the radio I turn it up just as loud as it goes A I got the feeling that I can't be beat I got a pretty mamma in the passenger seat E She said I don't know how you live so fast Well, don't slow down 'cause it might be the last
A D A E Nobody is gonna bring me down (Nobody) A D A E Nobody is gonna turn me 'round (Nobody)
Solo A E A E Bridge Bm Bm C#5 D Nobody! Bm Bm C#5 D Is gonna bring me down Bm Bm C#5 D Nobody, yeah! Bm Bm C#5 D E Is gonna turn me 'round Solo 2 A E A E
A D A E Nobody is gonna bring me down A D A E Nobody is gonna turn me 'round (Nobody, yeah)
Solo 3 A E A E (x2)

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