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Dancing With Mr. D Chords

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by hommer%5Fnew

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Dancing With Mr. D

Year: 1973 - Album: Goats Head Soup

  		INTRO: play 4x's - (also, during verses) 
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E ---------------------------------------- B ---------------------------------------- G --------------7-----------------7------- D --------------7--5--------------7------- A --------5--7--------------5--7---------- E --5--8--------------5--8----------------
VERSE: (other guitar plays opening riff) A C A C Down in the graveyard where we have our tryst, A C A C The air smells sweet, the air smells sick. A C A C He never smiles, his mouth merely twists, A C A C The breath in my lungs feels clinging and thick. A C A C But I know his name, he's called Mister D. A C A C And one of these days he's gonna set you free. A C A C Human skulls is hangin' right 'round his neck, A C A C The palms of my hands is clammy and wet. Chorus: A G C A Lord, I was dancin', dancin' dancin' so free, A G C A Dancin', dancin', dancin' so free. A G C A Dancin', Lord, keep your hands off me, A G C A Dancin' with Mister D., A A G C A With Mr. D., A A G C A With Mr. D. VERSE: Will it be poison, put in my glass, Will it be slow or will it be fast? The bite of a snake, the sting of a spider, A drink of Belladonna on a Toussaint night. Hiding in a corner in New York City, Lookin' down a forty four in West Virginia. Chorus: VERSE: One night I was dancin' with a lady in black, Wearin' black silk gloves and a black silk hat. She looked at me longin' with black velvet eyes, She gazed at me strange all cunning and wise. Then I saw the flesh just fall off her bones, The eyes in her skull was burning like coals. Lord, have mercy, fire and brimstone. I was dancin' with Misses D. Chorus: Lord, I was dancin', dancin', dancin' so free, I was dancin', dancin', dancin' so free. Dancin', dancin', dancin' so free. Dancin', dancin'. -- fade out any comments, questions, or corrections e-mail to: [email protected]

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