The Rifles

Nothing Matters

The Rifles

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Nothing Matters

Capo on 2nd fret


G               Am 
In the still of night 
We try so hard to fight 
Through our hopes 
    C                           G 
And every little moment of despair 
               Am                       Bm 
And over every town we?re flying on the ground 
                 C                                G 
But never really know where we belong ?til we get there 

G Am Nothing matters Bm No nothing really matters C In the times when we fall down
Verse G Am Through the changing times Bm We never compromise anything C G Inside our empty hearts to fit the crowd Am So overlook the sound Bm Trying to pull you down C As far as I can see G It?s jealous people talking loud G Am And nothing matters Bm No nothing really matters C In the times when we fall down G You just keep proud Am ?Cos nothing matters Bm No nothing really matters C If you?re running when you hit the ground BRIDGE Em D C D G And there?s nothing that feels quite like the way it feels coming back around OUTRO G Am Bm C (Same as Chorus) Keep keeping on

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