The Ranch

My Last Name

The Ranch

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My Last Name

	  		This one is actually played on a ganjo (guitar banjo), some of the chords 
are played as part of a bass run. It's still a bit rough and I'd welcome any 
revisions or changes 
My Last Name 
Keith Urban & Vernon Rust 
E                        A 
I can feel your goodbye comin 
B                          E 
Like a storm up from the South 
E                                 A 
The rain'll splatter at the back door 
B                              C#m 
The wind'll whistle round the house 
         E             C#m 
so it's you and Howie Johnson 
B                        E     B  C#m 
somebody told me at the store 
I guess I'd better get used  
            C#m  B 
to the idea of you 
      C#m      E  
Not around anymore 
     E           B                 C#m 
And I'm doin my best to prepare for the worst 
      A         E               B        D      (C# B -bass note run down) 
And I'd better get used to the hunger and thirst 
I gotta find me a potion  
    B          C#m    B     A 
To take for the pai - ai - ain 
F#m                    B 
And all you've got to lose 
Is my last name 
I know he's cute and he's got money 
I ain't no fancy Dan 
In a way it's sad and kinda funny 
You'll be OK and I'll be damned 
So I best be gettin ready 
For the bitter nights alone 
Sleeping on the couch 
Wake up starting out 
Living life on my own 
Repeat Chorus 
Mark Finlayson 

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