The Pretty Things


The Pretty Things

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Eb                     Ab 
White ice towers, slow dissolving 
Gm   Fm 
Now fall. 
  Bb         Fm 
Below savage moon 
     Bb      Fm  Gm  Eb 
Iron cities soon to rust. 

Eb                            Ab 
Warned first by the gathering shadows 
Gm   Fm 
They fled. 
     Bb          Fm 
From wide vapour deserts 
     Bb            Fm  Gm      Eb 
They turned turned towards the sea. 

Gm   (Bb)     Cm 
Pale worn the walking, pass 
Gm      (Bb)     Cm 
Through concrete glades. 
Db            Bbm              Fm     Bb 
Torn shadows, slashed silence, ahhh. 


Eb Ab Fm Bb 
Fm Gm Eb 
Gm Cm Gm Cm 
Db Bbm Fm Bb 
Eb Cm Ab Fm 
Gm Ab Db F#  
Ebm Bbm  

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e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-3-1-----------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----4-3-1-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------4-3-1-----------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------1/--------------------------------------------------------|

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