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I Will

(John Lennon and Paul McCartney)

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Introductio:  F  Dm7  Gm7   C7 

                F             Dm7        Gm7   C7 
Who knows how long I've loved you 
             F      Dm7        Am 
You know I love you still 
F7       Bb     C7       Dm   F     
Will I wait a lonely lifetime 
           Bb      C7       F Dm7 Gm7 C7 
If you want me to I will 
          Dm7       Gm7 C7 
For if I ever saw you 
        F       Dm             Am 
I didn't catch your name 
F7       Bb    C7        Dm     F 
But it never really mattered 
        Bb      C7             F   F7 
I will always feel the same 
Bb              Am    Dm7 
Love you forever and forever 
Gm7          C7             F   F7 
Love you with all my heart 
Bb                Am         Dm7       
Love you whenever we're       together 
G7                                  C7 
Love you when we're apart 
             F     Dm7      Gm7  C7 
And when at last I find you  
           F            Dm      Am 
Your song will fill the air 
   F7         Bb    C7       Am Bb   F 
Sing it loud so I can hear    you 
         Bb     C7     Dm Bbm   F 
Make it easy to be near you 
             Bb            C7   Dm                 F 
For the things you do endear you to me 
     Gm7      C7       Db7 
Ah, you know I will 
   F   Dm 
I will 
Gm7                    F    C7      F     
Da,   da  , da,   da,  da,  da,  da 

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