The Movement

No Wood Chords

The Movement

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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No Wood

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Intro: (Dm Am Bb F Gm F Bb F) 2x 

Dm                 Am     Bb                    F                        
   Everyone is gone   wrong turns and road burns 
Gm                         F              Bb                 F        
  For the time when the night was alive the little boy yearns 
Dm                            Am    Bb            F       
  Well give me a little reason   to laugh tonight  
                        Gm              F  Bb                    F           
  This is out of sight(?) this old boxer   losing his last fight 

Bb                          F      Bb        F      
  I wanna ride with the wind   she says to me 
               Bb               F                 Gm               F       
  All i see is another little girl jus try'n to get inside of me 
Bb              F        Bb            F     Bb                           F 
  Fire me please this is like a disease this mountian is filled with trees 
              Gm  Bb F           
  But I ain't got no wood 

Dm                   Am    Bb                 F 
  My homeboys left me  to meet their faith(?) 
Gm              F    Bb               F            
  Consuming love and filled with hate 
Dm                  Am       Bb             F                             
  My plate is empty  but my cup it is full 
Gm                  F             Bb                F           
  With this bullshit from all this weight that I pull 

Bb                      F         Bb                F  Bb                
  I wanna rule the world with the  staff of gold(?)   
F                  Gm                    F       
  But you know this world is gettin cold 

Bb                         F            Bb               F          
  I sware that i'd light a fire in the middle if i could 
                  Bb             F                   Gm  Bb F           
  but it's kinda hard to light a fire when you ain't got no wood. 

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