The Movement

Impressions Chords

The Movement

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by gustsilva

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D        G               A          G 
I said I woke up hung over on the weekend / 
Slept my days away / 
It?s 3:30 in the p.m. dreaming of the words I wish I could say / 
And so I was thinking everything was just right smooth / 
Thinking that you was in just the right mood but / 
All along I?m rolling ?round in the wrong / 
?Cause I never got no call from you / 
Alright /  
D       G               A            G 
Now tell me what it was I was supposed to do / 
I was wasted away in my head / 
Was it the rose petaling or the door opening or a little love letter instead / 
And indeed I couldn?t read between the lines no / 
I?m feeling a bit confused / 
But I said now what to do / 
When I finally get the message clear / 
It?s just a sweet goodbye from you / 


I was under the impression / 
That we was doing it right / 

I said I woke up in the mornin on a weekday / 
Had this feelin in my head / 
I rolled over and under my covers / 
Was a strange girl layin in my bed / 
Come on two years later she?s sayin she loves me / 
I really don?t know just what to do / 
I feel like I love her but under my covers / 
I?ll never say goodbye to you / 
I said now could you run it by me just one more time / 
I really wasn?t sure of what you said / 
I was too busy getting caught up in the lies / 
From the sweet other side of my bed / 
I said now I could never imagine or even possibly fathom / 
The day that you would turn away / 
But I realize that when you?re walking / 
And I?m doing all the talking / 
That you never had no words to say / 


Chorus / 

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