The Mountain Goats

Midland Chords

The Mountain Goats

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tamamoreira

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D G C G D C G D 

                           C           G     D 
Come and stay with me as long as you like 
                                     G               C 
I live outside of town where the straight highway curves 
   D                  C                G      D 
Three years I lived nextdoor to the airport 
                 G                           A 
So nothing you can say to me can get on my nerves 

  Em             A         D                   G 
Stay 'till you feel your legs underneath you again 
                       C       D 
I've got room in my house for you 

C G D 

                                  C         G 
I've got a Kenmore single-room window unit air conditioner 
 D                               G           C 
It cools down the place in the full heat of day 
D                          C                G 
A family of possums have made a home underneath the front steps 
 D                     G                     A 
They are majestic in their own beady-eyed homely way 

  E                   A            D           G 
Stay 'till you can breathe like normal people do 
                       C       D 
I've got room in my house for you 

  Am                        G     D    Dm 
They tore down the airport in 1981 
  Am                          G                   A 
This is where I came when I ran out of places to run 
Come, come 
                       C          G           D 
Come and stay with me out here away from things 
                                 G            C 
Come and stay with me where the sky's real clear 
D                            C                       G 
I live way out where no one believes anybody could live 
D                            C                        G 
Sky's purple from six in the evening 'till midnight out here 

                  A          D       G 
Stay 'till the world goes down in flames 
                 C                   D 
I've got room, room in my house for you 

C G D G C G D G C G D C G D 

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