The Lawrence Arms

Drunken Tweets

The Lawrence Arms

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Drunken Tweets



Verses 1: 
     Am         E 
Fuck you if I'm wrong 
        F        G 
I don't wanna be right 
     Am          E 
Fuck you I'll be drinking 
        F          G 
in the streets all night 
     Am         E 
Fuck you I'll decide 
       F          G 
if I'm wasting my life 
You're rotting away 
and killing my high 
     Am         E 
Fuck you it's a thing 
      F         G 
I was born this way 
     Am         E 
Fuck you are my very 
         F        G 
favorite words to say 
     Am             E 
Fuck you I'll eat a few 
and I'll throw the rest 
 G    F 
away Snacking like an 
asshole in the USA I eat 
more for a snack than you 
G                   Am C F G x4 
do in a day so fuck you 

verse 2: 
Fuck me I'm sinking 
E          F 
deeper and deeper in 
G         Am 
doom Fuck me I got a 
E       F      G 
Raskolnikovian gloom 
Am         E 
Six moves ahead but 
      F        G 
still fully consumed 
I am what I am and 
I do what I do Now 
    Am        E 
the Cerberean dogs 
     F        G 
are slathering 
I can feel my stories 
C     F       G 
all unraveling Bigger 
Am            E 
Thomas at the heart 
     F         G 
of a citywide scavenging 
It's closing in around me 
I can't believe they found me 

C And it's all well and good G F to cry doom on the streets C Like the prophets with their G sandwich boards beards F and hard feet But there's Am G C no unraveling the rings F E of the tree Lord keep my E Am C F G x4 Am(hold) soul the fuck away from me

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chords The Lawrence Arms - Drunken Tweets
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