The Lawrence Arms

All 4s

The Lawrence Arms

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All 4s

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    G     Bm  D  C  C  Em  Bm    G   
e|--------------------------------| \ 
B|--------------------------------|  \ 
G|--------------------------------|   \ 
D|-------------------------9------|   / x2 
A|------------5--3--3/5-7---------|  / 
E|--3--3/5-7----------------------| / 

verse 1 

      G                      Bm        D            C            Em Bm 
You lived in a fog, in the summer the dogs barked every night 
             G               Bm          D           C               Em  Bm 
With the blackened lung, a plateful of crums, and a raft of fans on high 
            Em     Bm             C        Am    G  Bm D C Em 
While you swung around like you owned the place 
            Bm         G            Bm D C Em Bm 
Wiped that look right off my face! 

verse 2 

G                     Bm              D    C            Em Bm 
Stuck in the frozen, fuck like it's going out of style 
G                           Bm             D              C               Em   Bm 
Down on the shore with his shirt and his chords waiting slack and single file 
           Em      Bm           C       Am    Am Am 
With your well so dry and your face so red 

D C Bm C There's a restless energy, it lurks behind your eyes D C Bm C Dormant like a genie, he'll express himself in time Bm C Still, a part of me screams Dm Eb But it's sewn up inside Em Bm C G And oh-my-god Em Bm C G D Am Am Am Now look what you've done
G Bm D C Em Bm (x2) Em Bm C Am verse 3 G C D Honey it's true, you've been sleepwalking through the last few months G F#m C D Face to the floor, down on all 4s, looking for what i had once Em Bm C Am Am Am And it hurts sometimes, but I'm used to it
D C Bm C Maybe he'll go to the ring and hold your hand over the flame D C Bm C We'll lose all sense of time and we'll forget each other's names Bm C Dm Eb We'll see what there is to see and come back the way we came Em Bm C G And the slow, sad waterfall Em Bm C G D Makes your eyes look dry
Bridge C Why-y-y-y, Em D Why do you hold that heart like something wild? C Why-hy-hy-hy? Em Am Why do you keep that heart locked up so tight? Outro G F#m C D (x4) G

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