The Last Bison

Come What May

The Last Bison

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Come What May


verse 1: 
Am                     Dm             F      
I know your intentions but you?ve not mentioned 
Bdim                       Am    Em 
Mine, nevermind, they were realized 
Am                Dm           F 
Oh, of attentions caught in suspension   
Bdim                       Am     Em     
Wait, it?s alright, we can hang a while 

C Em Am Em Come what may we will always be the same. You and I C Em Am Em shall remain (????) in every way, so will I
verse 2: Am Dm F Into the mirror now I see clear Bdim Am Em We must have come from the same design Am Dm F Capture my eyes, turn, shout till my ears burn Bdim Am Em Tell me your fights are the same as mine (repeat Chorus 2x) Notes: I'm a little iffy on some of the lyrics, but I think this is close. Enjoy!

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