The Kinks

Life Goes On

The Kinks

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Life Goes On

verse 1 
D                           A        D 
A friend of mine just had a real bad time. 
                                       G        D 
You see, his life was shattered and he lost his mind. 
                            A        D 
His girl ran off along with his best friend, 
                                            G          D 
And through emotional stress he brought his life to an end. 
It was such a tragedy, 
               Bm              G 
But that's the way it's got to be. 
G    F#m  E  D 
Life goes on. 

D Life goes on. A D It happens ev'ry day. So appreciate what you got G D Before it's taken away. Life will hit you A D When you're unprepared, So be grateful and take all G D That you can while you're there. A Get that frown off your head, Bm G 'Cause you're a long time dead. G F#m Em D Life goes on and on and on. G F#m Em D Life goes on and on and on.
Bridge A G Bm No use runnin' 'round lookin' scared, A G Bm Life could get you when you're unaware. A G Bm One day it's gonna come, so you better accept it. Em F#m Life will hit you when you least expect it. G F#m E D And one day when you are gone, G F#m E D You know that life will still go on. G F#m E D But no one'll care if you've been good, bad, right or wrong. G F#m E D Life will still go on.
G F#m E D Life goes on and on and on. G F#m E D Life goes on and on and on.
verse 2 D A D My bank went broke and my well ran dry. G D It was almost enough to contemplate suicide. A D I turned on the gas, but I soon realized G D I hadn't settled my bill so they cut off my supply. A Bm G No matter how I try, it seems I'm too young to die. G F#m E D Life goes on and on and on. G F#m E D Life goes on and on and on. verse 3 D A D Tornado, cyclone and hurricane G D Can batter the houses with the thunder and rain. A D Blizzards can blow; the waves hit the shore, G D But the people recover and come back for more. A Bm G Somehow the people fight back, even the future looks black. G F#m E D Life goes on and on and on. G F#m E D Life goes on and on and on.

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