The Kinks


The Kinks



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	  		Intro:  E  A  D  A (2X) 

Babies being born every day 
In a world where there's so much to discover  
All the babies crying out from the womb  
Not much room, can I come out mother?  

C D           C 
Mama, can you hear me call?  
      G                        D           A7 
Don't drop me now 'cos it's a long way to fall  
C  D        C  
Mama, I can hear all the sounds  
    G                                       D             A7 
Outside it's like a battleground  and I'm afraid to fall down  
Into the great big nowhere  

Papa's had a skin full of beer  
Mama, don't let him into here  
E A   D A   E A D A 
Baby, baby  

Babies being born different hormones and genes  
There's so many of us out there  
How was I conceived was it love, was I meant  
Or was I just an accident  
Mama, what I sense from outside  
It's a world full of fear and there's nowhere to hide  
Mama, I feel safe between these walls  
And I'm so scared of heights and it's a long way to fall  
Into the great big nowhere  

Maybe Papa's getting pressure from his peers  
Are you straight, are you queer  
So he made me, baby  

Babies being born, some are rich, some are poor  
But they're innocent and unprepared  
Little girls and boys, didn't ask to be born  
But they're always popping out there  
falling into the great big nowhere  

Mama, I know that once upon a time  
You and Papa were rich when you were both in your prime  
Mama, now you got the pains and I know it's nearly time  
But I don't want to join the crowd  
I see standing in line  
E A   D A   E A   D A   E A   D A 
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby  

Babies being induced, no excuse, what's the use  
So they're always popping out there  
Babies didn't wanna be born ill equipped, running loose  
But they're innocent and unprepared  

Mama, now you are showing all the signs  
But is your world upside-down on its head just like mine  
Mama, now your ambition is mine  
Don't make me over achieve too much in my time  
Oh Mama, please don't make me climb 

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