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The Killers

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by europeu

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A#                     Dm                  D#                       A#    
i did my best to notice when the call came down the line    
         F           Gm              D#                F    
up to the platform of surrender i was brought but i was kind    
    A#              F               D#          Gm    
and sometimes i get nervous when i see an open door    
           D#                   F    
close your eyes clear your heart   cut the chord    

A# F Gm A# are we human or are we dancer F Gm D# F my sign is vital my hands are cold A# F Gm and im on my knees looking for the answer Cm D# A# are we human? or are we dancer
bridge: D# F F#m Gm will your system be alright when you dream of home tonight D# F there is no message were receiving let me know is your heart still beating?

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