The Kalin Twins


The Kalin Twins

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	  		    C - Am - F - G 
         C                                 Am 
1. When, when you smile, when you smile at me, 
      F                               G                      G7 
    well, well I know, our love will always be.  
         C                              Am 
    When, when you kiss, when you kiss me right, 
   F                          G                    G7 
    I, I don't want to ever say good night.  
    F                C 
    I need you, I want you near me ! 
    F                 G                     G7 
    I love you, yes I do, and I hope you hear me !  
         C                          Am 
2. When, when I say, when I say be mine, 
    F                        G                   G7       C    F                C      
    if, if you will, I know all will be fine, when will you be mine?  
C7               F                C 
    Oh baby, I need you, I want you near me ! 
    F                 G                     G7 
    I love you, yes I do, and I hope you hear me !  
    C - Am - F - G        C    F                C 
                             When will you be mine ? 


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