The Joy Formidable

The Turnaround

The Joy Formidable

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The Turnaround

Intro: G Bm Em Am G (x2) 

G              Bm            Em           Am  G 
Hey, I'm gonna stay here and wait for the turnaround 
G              Bm            Em        Am   G 
Hey, I'm gonna stay here and make this come around 

Come back now (come back now) 
We waited (we waited) 
   C                            Em 
Fortune turns quick and then it's gone 
  G                   Em 
I shaked it, and I'll save it (I'll save you) 
 C                            Em 
Across the kitchen table into your palms 

G             Bm             Em 
Take, take my wordâ??s gift on this 
      Am   G 
It'll come around 
G               Bm               Em 
When the others stay we're gonna slip 
         Am   G 
Into the turnaround 

        G                  Em 
There's love here, there's dreams fierce 
        C                    Em 
There's us and what we learn inside 
   G               Em  
It started, the cascade 
C                   Em   
You're tired and it's time 

       Am        C        G          Em 
'Cause you'll relive when loneliness reaches you 
    Am        C        G         Em              
And you'll behave when emptiness states it's game 
    Am      C        Am      C 
You stay until, just stay until, 
    Am            C 
You thought it through 
    C            Em       Am          Em         C     
The best part is over and nothing I'm feeling is new 

G Bm Em Am G (x2) 

G             Bm      Em 
We're forever on that bench 
        Am       G 
Forever on those bends 
G            Bm         Em 
You're gonna stay here with me 
Am (stop) 
Stay until the last 

Am      C                  Am      C 
Running try until the last shaking sight 
                 Am    C 
Until the future runs aground 
                     Am      C 
Before my arms can't hold it down 
C                  G   F# Em 
Oh, don't miss the turnaround 
Am       C 
               G   F# Em 
Don't miss the turnaround 
               Am       C 
Don't miss the turnaround 
           G   F# Em 
Don't miss this 

Am C 
G F# Em 
Am C 
C G 

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