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Oh Buddha Chords

The Imperials

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by herbsmithIII

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Oh Buddha


Intro:  G C G D7 G C G 

D       C/E  G                G7                 C                        G 
Well, Old Buddha was a man and I'm sure that he meant well 
G                                           A7                  D   C/E   D/F# 
But I pray for his disciples lest they wind up in hell And I'm 
G                            G7    C                           G 
sure that old Mohammed thought he knew the way 
C/D   G                                                 D7                          G D 
But it won't be Hare Krishna we stand before on The Judgment Day. 

Em G G7 C G No, it won't be old Buddha that's sitting on the throne G A7 D And it won't be old Mohammed that's calling us Home Em D/F# G G7 C C And it won't be Hare Krishna that plays that trumpet tune G C G/D D G And we're going to see The Son not Reverend Moon!
Verse 2 Well, I don't hate anybody so please don't take me wrong But there really is a message to this simple song You see there's only one way Jesus if eternal life is your goal Meditation of the mind won't save your soul. Chorus Well, you can call yourself a Baptist and not be born again A Presbyterian or a Methodist and still die in your sin You can even be Charismatic shout and dance and jump a few But if you hate your brother you wont be one of The Chosen Few. Cause it won't be a Baptist that's sitting on The Throne A Presbyterian or a Methodist that's calling us Home And it won't be a Charismatic that plays that trumpet tune So let's all just live for Jesus 'cause He's coming back real soon.

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