The Heavy

Same Oi

The Heavy

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Same Oi

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	  		(Introdução na bateria 2 tempos) 

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E|-------------------|-------------------|------------------| B|--------4----------|--------4-------4--|-------4----------| G|-5--5-----5-3-5-3--|----------5-3-5----|-3--3---5-3-5-3---| D|-----------------5-|--5--5-------------|---------------5--| A|-------------------|-------------------|------------------| E|-------------------|-------------------|------------------|
1º tempo 2º tempo
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E|-------------------| e|------------------| B|--------4-------4--| B|-/7--6---6--------| G|----------5-3-5----|: G|-------8--8--5-\3-| D|-3--3--------------| D|------------------| A|-------------------| A|------------------| E|-------------------| E|------------------|
Verso 1: Cm G I believe, If a man could fly, A# F I'd be just like a bird Trying to escape from your lies Cm G And the truth would never die A# F It would be just like I remembered When you Swallowed my pride (tocar segundo bloco de tempo acima como introdução para refrão) Cm When you were talking that Same ol' G And kept making that Same ol A# And kept working that Same ol' F Ol' Fool out of me Cm All that Same ol' G Everyday it's that Same ol' A# You keep making the same ol' F# Ol' Fool out of me Verso 2: Cm G But you see that I can sleep, A# F I don't know just how you do it Must be counting more than sheep Cm G And it's time ror you and me to leave this A# F fairy tale we found 'Cause we, both need to breathe Passagem: Cm D# A# And I know it's not enough but your love is like a drug F Cm I know it's not enough but your love is like a drug D# A# Know it's not enough, your love is like a drug F (2º bloco de tempo aqui) Your love is like, Like a But you just keep talking that Passagem 2 - com riff da introdução: Cm Same ol' And kept working that G Same ol And kept making that A# Same ol' Ol' F Fool out of me Cm All that same ol' G Everyday it's that Same ol' A# You keep making the same ol' F Ol' Fool out of me (Passagem 2) ( Cm Cm Cm A# F ) 2x (Repete refrão) (Repete o riff da Introdução até o final)

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