The Great Divide

Aint About To Fall

The Great Divide

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Aint About To Fall

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INTRO ----------------------| ----------------------| ----------------------| ----------------------| --------2--3--0-------| --2--3----------------|
INTRO Am - G - Am - G Am G dont go throwin your little stones at me naw you aint got the right at all i think you put me up on this highwire Am G D just to hang around, see if i'd fall, see if i'd fall Chorus C G well you sink your teeth in me every time i turn around you like to talk behind my back D yeah you love to run me down but if you cant say it to my face you aint Cworth a damn at all i may wobble on my high wire D Em but i aint about to fall REPEAT INTRO Am G so keep on wearin both of your faces time will tell me which one is real thats enough of my wasted time thinkin about you Am G D just thought i'd let you know how i feel, this is how i feel REPEAT Chorus REPEAT INTRO

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chords Great Divide - Ain't About To Fall chords The Great Divide - Aint About To Fall
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