The Gathering


The Gathering

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	  		Intro: Gm Gm5+ F Gm  

Gm          Gm5+                  F 
Melodic stanzas Are symphonizing their way 
Through your weary head 
               Gm5+                                   F       
To feed your distrust And fill it's mouth with the desire 
To soulfully be one with your creation 

A                    Am                         Dm                
Not a subject to control  You call upon a higher power 

For help and inspiration 

Gm                 Gm5+                F                      Gm      
The crowd waits  And turns their faces  Towards you expectantly 
Gm                       Gm5+                          F          
You give them what they need  But their useless criticism 
Makes you die  A bit more inside 

A                  Am                             Dm                       
Not a subject to control  You call upon a higher power 

For help and inspiration 

Ponte  B  F  D  C9       
         Am  C   

 Am                                      Dm      Am    C                               
Oh, I swoon  While loudspeakers play soft music 

 Am            Dm                  Am 
Leaning Over your fortieth masterpiece  You must have loved 
       Dm                Am     Dm     Am     C 
The colour of these violins        

Am     C              Am                          C                  
I wish I knew you  Your fit of insanity makes me sad 

Solo Am C E   Am C E 

Am           C                             E               Am            
I wish you knew  Your music was to stay forever  And I hope 
Am          C                            E                 Am            
I have no clue  If you know how much it matters  And I hope 

Final Am C E 

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