The Fifth Dimension


The Fifth Dimension

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	  		Intro bass:  

 v   v   v   v			8X  

Verse first three lines over intro bass pattern:  

	        Ebmaj7/C  F/C          Gm/C  
When the moon        is in the seventh house  
	    Ebmaj7/C  F/C       Gm/C  
And Jupiter      aligns with Mars  
	     Ebmaj7/C  F/C               Gm/C  
Then peace        will guide the planets  
	     Eb   F                 Bb  
And love    will steer the stars  

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius  
Age of Aquarius  
	  F              Cm  
Aquarius       Aquarius  

2: repeat "Aquarius... Aquarius"; to coda  

	Bb                Eb  
Harmony and understanding  
	Bb                  Eb  
Sympathy and trust abounding  
	Bb                      Eb  
No more falsehoods or derisions  
	       Cm     Bb/D       Eb  
Golden living dreams of visions  
	               G7/D Cm  
Mystic crystal revelations  
	                    Fm  Gm  
And the mind's true liberation  
	 Fm           Cm  
Aquarius     Aquarius  

repeat intro  

repeat verse  

Coda ("Let The Sunshine In") repeat to fade, no lyrics first time:  

	Bm       F#7  
Let the sunshine  
Let the sunshine  
	     G       D  
The sunshine in 

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